What to visit?

1. Bran Resort

Bran is the crossing gate between Wallachia and Transylvania. In terms of landscape, the area has a high valley between 800-1000m NE-SW orientation that is bounded by Barsa Valley, Piatra Craiului National Park (with peaks over 2,000m) and the Bucegi National Parc (with Omu Peak 2506m).


Bran, first attested in 1367, is typical Romanian mountain village and consists of five villages: Poarta, Predeluţ, Sohodol, Şimon and the center of the village with the same name.
Situated about 29 km from Brasov, on the road that goes through the old neighborhood Bartholomew and tying Braşov with Campulung Muscel, Bran is one of the most sought tourist area. And this is due to the landscape beauty and hospitality of the people.

2. Castle Bran


The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, on DN73. Commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle” (although it is one among several locations linked to the Dracula legend, including Poenari Castle and Hunyad Castle), it is marketed as the home of the titular character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
The castle is now a museum open to tourists, displaying art and furniture collected by Queen Marie. Tourists can see the interior individually or by a guided tour. At the bottom of the hill is a small open air museum park exhibiting traditional Romanian peasant structures (cottages, barns, etc.) from across the country.

Visiting program:
High Season (April 1 – September 30)                                   Low Season (October 1 – March 31)
Monday: 12PM – 4PM                                                            Monday: 12PM – 6PM
Tue–Sun: 9AM – 6PM                                                            Tue–Sun: 9AM – 4PM
Last Admission: -6PM                                                             Last Admission: -4PM


Ticket Prices:
Adults: 25Lei (6€)
Seniors (65+): 15Lei (3.5€)
Students: 10Lei (2.4€)
Pupils: 5Lei (1.2€)
Filming: 20Lei (4.8€)


3.Bran National Museum

3Bran National Museum comprises two museum departments: Customs Museum and Bran Village Museum.
The Village Museum was conceived as an open-air museum and it presents to visitors the main types of farms, houses, outbuildings, economical buildings and facilities for the traditional manufacturing wood and wool.
The museum also comprises pastoral settlements: “hodăi”, “hodăiţe” and “stână”. All across the town of Bran one can still see “hodăi” on the hills which are difficult to access.
3a These settlements consist of two side stables for sheep and large cattle, having a barn in the middle, where people traditionally store farming tools such as ploughs, harrows, scythes, hayforks and rakes.

The Village Museum can be visited during the warm seasons, from April to October. It is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.
Customs Museum. The Customs of Bran dates back in the Middle Age and came into existence due to merchandise trade on the route Rucăr – Bran. The Customs Museum is open daily, throughout the entire year.


4. Nature

Alongside the tourist attractions so far mentioned, you can relax and enjoy nature in settings of magnificent view. Thus, here are a few of our suggestions for mountain trips and hikes:
Walking along fir shadowed trails you will reach this mysterious place called Moara Dacilor (The Mill of the Dacians). Here, you will be delighted by the beauty of the landscape, the sound of rushing waters falling and the positive energy this place exhales.

Moara Dacilor (The Mill of the Dacians)

Moara Dacilor (The Mill of the Dacians)

Omu mountain peak, the highest peak in the Bucegi Massif will welcome any hiker with an extraordinary energy and dreamlike scenery. The thorough hike is only recommended with suitable equipment. If you manage to reach the peak and the weather is so kind to offer a sunny day, your eyes could even catch a glimpse of the Danube or the Black Sea.

Omu mountain peak

Omu mountain peak

A short but difficult way leads you there, but still the beauty of the landscape makes all the effort worth.

Zănoaga skiing slope is situated 4 kilometers away from the centre of Bran and it has a medium level of difficulty, with a level difference of 170 meters and a length of 650 meters. It is endowed with ski lifts and nocturnal lights.

How to get there?

by car

Distance: 30 km


by bus

From Autogara 2 Brasov (Transbus), Str. Avram Iancu nr.114,
Tel: +4-0268-426.332
Mo-Fr – buses pass every 15 min. starting at 06:30 until 23:00
Sa – buses pass every half an hour, starting from 06:30 until 21:30
Su – buses pass every hour, starting from 07:00 until 20:00
Duration: 25 min
Price: 2,5 Ron

How to get to the bus station (Autogara 2)?

by bus (number 12)

From “Livada Postei” to “Autogara 2″ are 6 bus stops and the schedule is the following:
Monday to Friday:                                               Saturday:
hour/min/min                                                       hour/min/min













From the Hostel to Livada Postei

by foot