What to visit?

1. Rasnov Citadel

Rasnov Citadel presents a simple architectonic style, closed to the structure of the ordinary houses and being adapted to the fortification conditions. The medieval atmosphere is even nowadays present, after 500 years of existence. For building the fortress, stone and brick were used. The height of the walls is 5 meters and the southern wall is the thickest (being 1m and a half thick in some places)


The walls, just like the towers, were covered with tile in order to prevent the fires caused by the invaders. The walls are irregularly lined up because of the dumped ground from the bottom of the hill, fact which gives the fortress the impression of a massive notched belt.
The citadel consists of an external enclosure placed in front of the eastern wall which is surrounded by a fortified wall and equipped with a square-shaped tower and of an internal enclosure which is surrounded by the walls and the towers of the fortress.
From north, south and west, the walls are bounded by the abrupt slopes that are almost 150 m high are that are very dangerous to climb. The whole superior enclosure is defended by external towers which are grouped on the northern and western sides. The eastern part of the citadel was more vulnerable regarding the natural obstacles, because it was saddle-shaped and for this reason, it was easier to pass. For strengthening the defense, the citadel presents in this respect the most outstanding fortifications.

Visiting program: Daily 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Entrance Fee: 10 lei adults; 5 lei children 7-18 years
Photo Fee: free
Binoculars coins: (displayed on the observation point of the Citadel): – 2 lei
Inside the citadel there is a restaurant.

2. The Evangelic church

Situated in the centre of Rasnov. It was built in the 13th century and the mural paintings date from the 16th century.


3. The Roman camp from Cumidava

This Dacian place lies on the farming territory of Rasnov town, nearly 500 meters away from the river Barsa. The Roman camp discovered here was built in the beginning of the Roman domination. Its role was to watch over the entrance ways from the mountains into Burzenland. Cumidava is a settlement that was named by the geographer Claudius Ptolemeu from Alexandria as “one of the shinning cities from Dacia”

4. The Rasnoavei Gorges

Here you can do bungee-jumping from 137m above sea level, climb the mountain, or cross the 150m the abyss with a zip line. You can also enjoy the nature or drive an ATV.




How to get there?

By car

From Brasov: exit Brasov to the south, toward Pitesti/Rucar. You will drive for about 10 km then pass the town Cristian, and after another 2-3 km you will reach Rasnov. Total distance from Brasov: 17 km.



By bus

From Autogara 2 Brasov (Transbus), Str. Avram Iancu nr.114,
Tel: +4-0268-426.332
Mo-Fr – buses pass every 15 min. starting at 06:30 until 23:00
Sa – buses pass every half an hour, starting from 06:30 until 21:30
Su – buses pass every hour, starting from 07:00 until 20:00
Duration: 25 min
Price: 2,5 Ron
To come back, from Rasnov to Brasov, is the same schedule.

How to get to the bus station (Autogara 2)?

by bus (number 12)
From “Livada Postei” to “Autogara 2″ are 6 bus stops and the schedule is the following:

Monday to Friday:                                                                                 Saturday:
hour/min/min                                                                                       hour/min/min

1 2













From the Hostel to Livada Postei



















By foot