What to visit?

Situated in breathtaking mountain scenery, Sinaia is located at 120 km distance from Bucharest and 49 km from Brasov, on the Prahova Valley. Sinaia takes its name from the 17th-century monastery built by a Romanian nobleman after undertaking a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai, Egypt. Sinaia is one of the most famous and oldest mountain tourist resorts in Romania, known as “The Carpathian Pearl”. It is best known for being the summer residence of the Romanian Royal family.

1. The Peles Park with the Peles and the Pelisor Castle

The Peles Park awaits you with a journey of Romanian history. The complex is composed by The Peles Castle (photo), the Pelisor, the Foisor and the Economat. The park is situated on Pelisor Valley and the main access points are from Furnica or from the Monastery. The Peles Castle and the Pelisor are open to the public.
The Peleş Castle was built at the initiative of King Charles I of Romania, outside the commune Podul Neagului that covered an area of 24 km in 1874.
The Peles Castle: former royal residence (1883-1947), nationalized in 1948, museum from 1953 to 1975 and from 1990 until today, owned since 2007 by His Majesty, King Michael I of Romania and a state-run public institution, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


Visiting program & ticket prices:

Summer time                                                                Winter time
(14 Mai 2014 – 15 Sep 2014)                                       (16 Sep 2014 – 15 Mai 2015)

Peles Castle                                                                  Peles and Pelisor Castle
Mo: Closed                                                                    Mo-Tue: Closed
Tue: 11:00 – 16:15                                                        We: 11:15 – 16:15
We: 9:15 – 16:15                                                          Th–Su: 9:15- 16:15
Th–Su: 9:15 – 16:15

Pelisor Castle
Mo-Tue: Closed
We: 11:15 – 17:15
Th–Su: 10:15 – 17:15

The Peles Castle

Ground Floor – About 45 Minutes
General Exhibit
Adults – 20 RON
Seniors – 10 RON
Students – 5 RON
Euro < 26 Card – 5 RON The last group for the general exhibit enters at 16:15. Ground Floor & First Floor – About 1 Hour and 15 Minutes Optional Tour 1 Adults – 50 RON Seniors – 25 RON Students – 12,5 RON Euro < 26 Card – 12,5 RON The last group for the optional tour 1 enters at 15:45. Ground Floor & First Floor & Second Floor - About 1 Hour and 45 Minutes Optional Tour 2 Adults – 70 RON Seniors – 35 RON Students – 17,5 RON Euro < 26 Card – 17,5 RON The last group for the optional tour 2 enters at 15:15. The Pelisor Castle Every Floor - About 45 Minutes General Tour Adults – 20 RON Seniors – 10 RON Students – 5 RON Euro < 26 Card – 5 RON The last group for the general exhibit enters at 16:15.

2. “George Enescu” Memorial House

George Enescu’s memorial house, the famous Romanian composer, is situated in Cumpatu and is administrated by the European Cultural Centre. Here you can enjoy concerts of young artists, musical auditions, exhibitions and many other cultural events. Opening hours: 10.00 – 17.00, Tuesday to Sunday.
George Enescu’s connection with the Royal family started in 1898, following the success of “The Romanian Poem”.  The artist benefited from the support of Queen Elisabeta, who acknowledging the talent of the young musician, offered him a room, at his disposal, in the Peles Castle, a place where he could study. Also, Enescu was often invited by the queen to play in recitals at the Palace.
The beauty of the place and the proximity of the Peles Castle made the musician building a house here, in 1923-1926, the house followed the plan designed by the musician himself, with the aid of architect Radu Dudescu and it was named “Luminiş” Villa (“Glade” Villa).
The following 20 years, until 1946 when he definitively left Romania, the musician constantly return to Sinaia, to spend a time dedicated to composition, between his tours. In 1947, Enescu, who was living in Paris, donated the villa to the Romanian state, to be used as a place of creation and recreation for artists. In 1995, the villa was opened as “George Enescu” Memorial House and since 2007 it has become a department of “George Enescu” National Museum.
The Romanian traditional style, the oriental style and the Bidermayer style are harmoniously and originally reunited, in the ornamental elements and in the pieces of furniture. Many valuable objects in crystal, metal and ceramics bring glamour to the interiors. In the living room there is the maestro’s piano, an Ibach made in Lausanne, the instrument Enescu used for composing and playing for close friends and family

3. Sinaia Monastery


After three hundred years of existence, the monastery continues to be an important part of the town which bears its name. The small complex is composed by the main monastery (photo), the small monastery (built by Mihai Cantacuzino in 1695), the grave of Tache Ionescu and a museum.

4. The Casino

Here you can play roulette, blackjack and poker. The opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, 19:30 – 03:00. There is no dressing code. The Casino is also the main host of national and international conferences, meetings, cultural events, host for photo galleries and concerts.

5. Ghica Park

In the city center you can relax in the newly re-decorated Ghica Park. The entrance to the park is from the main boulevard, and a variety of alleys and benches are spread thorough a nice and quite area. You can also admire the recently rehabilitated bench, made by Carol I, in 1905. In the park there is also a playground for kids.

6. Hiking

Possibilities are endless, here are some easy ones:
Sinaia – Poiana Stanii
Sinaia – Cota 1400 – Cota 2000 (through Valea cu Brazi)
There are many other paths in Bucegi.

7. Sinaia Cable Car

Offers a great journey to Cota 2000 via Cota 1400. You can admire the great panorama of the Bucegi mountains and the Prahova Valley both in summer and winter. The Cable Car is open daily from 8:45 – 16:00. During summer, on Monday it is closed for maintenance.

How to get there?

by car


by train

Probably the best way to reach Sinaia is by train. They are pretty regular from Brasov, where most people would come from, passing through roughly every hour.
Duration: around 1 hour
Price: from 7 to 24 Ron

by bus

From Autogara 1 Brasov (near the trainstation)
B-ul Gării 1, Brașov 500148,
Tel: +4-0268-426.332
From Monday to Sunday at: 9:10 am
Duration: 1 hour
Price: aprox. 5 Ron